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Robin van Persie offers himself to FC Barcelona as fourth striker

Robin van Persie, one of the most recognised forwards in the world despite his time in Turkey, has offered himself to Barcelona as their fourth forward, behind the MSN. The striker, who had an excellent season at Fenerbahce, finishing as one of the top scorers in the Turkish flight, wants to leave the country because of political problems and insecurity. His idea was to go back to the Premier League, but his high salary complicated the matter and Barcelona are one of objectives. He already offered himself to the club in January, but Barcelona did not want to sign him then. 
Van Persie decided to go to Turkey after a bad spell with Manchester United. There he was reborn as a footballer, but knows it is time for him to leave. Fenerbahce would sell him for around 10m euros and his salary is 5m per season - that of a crack. 
The Dutch striker is not one of Barcelona's top targets and he knows it. Van Persie is negotiating with Stoke City and West Ham, but has not yet reached a deal and this has obliged him to go to Turkey to start pre-season with Fenerbahce.


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