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@Oostenberg LFA:Open Letter to Try Again players

            Dear Try Again Players

Each an every season we set goals for ourselves that we want to win the League & Easter Tournament as the Major and important trophies in our league. Yes we have won Easter Tournament several times but what about the League? Age is catching up with us, cartilage is starting to end in our knees and we keep on repeating the same thing over and over again,  We don't learn from our previous mistakes and that will always be the challenge for us to win the league.

                 What mistakes are we talking about? 

Undermining the so called small teams in our league. e.g. Kraaifontein FC, Nine stars and Killers etc. We as Try Again players we always set our pace of the game based on which team we play against, E.g. If we play against Green Lovers and Fisante or Chelsea then everyone will be available on time in the field and on that day no one is drunk. One thing that we are failing to understand is that you can't win the League because of winning against Chelsea, Fisante and Green Lovers etc. We have to win against small teams and make sure we destroy them with lot of goals, beating Green Lovers and Chelsea will be a bonus. We have a good management in our team that is always there for us whether we disappoint them or not but they are always behind  us.

                                                       Management Names
1. Tar Zet
2. Tar Mabra
3. Tar Lucas
4. Uncle
5.Tar Mxo
6. Tar Bricks
7. Tar Ayanda
We are so blessed to have them as our management because they don't treat us as outsiders but they have that father figure approach to us but we always fail them.
I feel so bad when I see a guy like Uncle crying because of us, the guy really loves the team with all of his heart and he doesn't like to be in a losing side.

                                                   DRINKING ISSUES OF PLAYERS
"Taking a deep breathe" There is nothing wrong in Drinking Alcohol and I must say I'm not against players that drink alcohol but I'm against players that drinks while they know that our team is playing. If they drink while we are playing that doesn't only affect them but it affects the team as a whole and that always for us to be a laughing stock in Kraaifontein. Please Bafethu lets try to be professional and do things the right way to make those people that support us very happy.


Staff writter

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