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@Oostenberg LFA:Another weekend has come and gone..Chelsea still on top

Another weekend has come and gone in our Local Football Association and there were some sad news from Green Lovers and Try Again as they played draws in their game. Chelsea FC is still on top of the log leading by five points. Chelsea will win the league not because they are better than  Try Again and Green Lovers but because of the respect and love that they have for the team. Up until Try Again and Green Lovers players respects the team then they will be able to stop Chelsea.

I feel sorry for the coaches of Try Again and Green Lovers I mean what's the use of having good players when they can't respect you as a coach and the team. Disappointment is written in their faces they know that it will be hard for them to overtake Chelsea. Once again the drinking of alcohol non-stop is destroying  Try Again and Green Lovers.


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