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@Oostenberg LFA: Who is responsible for the selection of Referees?

After witnessing another disastrous performance from Transkei Visitors guy who is the man in the middle(Referee) in a match between Ajax vs Try Again. Yes in the first five to 10 minutes you could see that there's potential from that guy but he allows players to control him instead of trying by all means to control them.

I think this thing of saying Try Again, Ajax or Green Lovers will not referee for each other because they are in the same division is destroying our football, I mean if you can check in our referees you will notice that all good referees are there in Super League not in Premier League. In super league we have good referees like Majali, Tar Mabra, Loyiso Sityana, Gcobani and Tar Chippa etc.

I'm not undermining the referees from Premier league its just that in big games we need some that knows how to deal with the anger of players some one that can have the tolerance of frustration from players more special when he knows that he is at fault.

I saw some Ajax Players pushing and pulling the referee, giving names that I cannot mention and we don't want to witness that but sometimes I feel referees are pushing players to do such things. Some of the games are not determined by the players on the field they are determined by the errors from the referees.
I think the executive of Oostenberg LFA have lot of work to do wh
en it comes to educate referees.


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