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@Oostenberg LFA: I'm Surprised to see that Fisante is still in Oostenberg LFA.

Its not my place or my position to judge but I think what Fisante did last season was not fair to football Lovers and also to Try Again. I would love to know why didn't they pitched up in their game against Chelsea but again it won't make any difference. We need to be more professionals about such things I mean if  we allow anyone to do as he wishes we can't go anywhere.

Did anyone investigate why didn't they pitch up? If yes we deserve to know, someone in our Oostenberg LFA committee must man up and tell us the truth by so doing maybe anyone can make his own to judgement whether they were wrong or right for not pitching. Allowing them to play in our LFA again is the sign that our Executive as a whole saw nothing wrong in what Fisante did, I don't want to sound biased or selfish but Fisante deserve a punishment just to teach other teams that if you don't pitch up you are destroying our league.

I don't think in our constitution we have a rule that state out of 22 games that each an every team is schedule to play can only participate in 20 games or 21 games. I also think that if any team joins the league deep down in their heart they know that its a must to attend all the games not only Green Lovers, Try Again and Chelsea. Should they fail to attend or pitch up there must be a punishment and that is the only way that can improve the standard of our league. Rules are rules and every one must obey the rules, If we can't obey the rules where are we going with our League? Why are we wasting our time to go to the fields if we don't have purpose? Its time to be honest to ourselves and start to act like professionals and believe you me we will/ can reach at a higher point.

If Fisante cannot be punished and be allowed to play again in our league, what kind of example are we setting to other football lovers in Kraaifontein? What kind of Example our setting to ourselves as leaders in Oostenberg LFA? Once again its not my place to judge but truth is a truth whether you like or not. Our country is a disgrace because we are being led by a guy who is not honest to himself and to South African Citizen, we don't want to see that in our LFA. I believe we have good leaders that can improve the standard of our league with their leadership skills.



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