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@Oostenberg LFA: #Dear Tar Brix would you have given the penalty and Red card to Try Again vs Chelsea?

Zola Koular received lot of criticism from Kraaifontein football lovers for awarding Try Again a penalty against Chelsea and gave a red card to a Chelsea player, one of the guys that had a different view to that is Tar Brix he felt that Chelsea was robbed by the referee. In my opinion Bra Zola did well, he was not afraid to make big decisions and I think we need referees like him someone who is not scared to make big decisions.

I'm not saying this because I'm a Try Again player but I say this because I have seen many teams suffering because of the referees that are afraid to make big and correct decisions so anyone who blames Zola for the Chelsea loss he/She is wrong. Next time Chelsea players will know that kicking players instead of kicking the ball is a wrong thing and is not allowed at allowed when you do it deliberately.

Any player that goes in the field of play with the intentions of kicking other players deserves a straight red card and Mr Zola did exactly that and he was 100% correct, my sport on decision of the week. People will always talk whether you do bad or good but my message to you bra Koular keep it up the good work, Oostenberg Local Football Association need people like you.


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