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@Oostenberg LFA: Alcohol is killing our football

Our football in Kraaifontein is dying a painful slow death because of alcohol. Teams that tops the list when it comes to drink alcohol.
1. Try again, Ajax and Green Lovers
2. Shaddy Chiefs
3. Fisante
4. City Bucks
5. Strikers
6. Don't Talk
There's nothing wrong in drink alcohol but once you start to overdose it that's where the problem comes and it really affects and destroys our football.

If you can take a good look to the list you can notice that those are there key players to their team and should LFA need a team to compete with other LFAs those are there players that we can look up represent us but can they do that when they can't sleep overnight? Its so clear that we just play football for funny not because of we want to achieve anything. Something must be done people to stop this bad habit.


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