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@Oostenberg LFA: 10 things that Kraaifontein teams can learn from Chelsea this season

Chelsea fc this season is in their own league and I think there are many things that the likes of Green Lovers, Try Again and Shaddy can learn from them......

1. Respect is the key in anything and I believe Chelsea mighty win the League because of that...
2. Team Spirit among the players: Those guys are so united and you can tell based on their body language that they really want to win the league
3. Time Management: They are always early and go to the field together.
4.Coming out in numbers regardless of any team they play against, They don't undermine the opponent.
5.Hunger and fighting spirit to achieve their dream of winning the League.

Yes they are also human beings meaning they can make errors just like any body but what they are doing right now deserves some credit and recognition. Yes of cause they will lose some matches because even the best teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid etc does lose matches but the chelsea that is having Bra Serdoff this season their skin doesn't burn so easily. Any team that desires to beat them will have to sweat their pants and fight for their lives.
I'm not a fan of chelsea, I don't wish them anything good but what they are doing right now deserves some praise and I always give credit when its due.


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