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@OfficialPSL Is there any difference between European Referees and PSL Referees?

There is no doubt that everything in football is about people from Europe, We even forget our style of play as South Africans and copy European style of play. Our national team Bafana Bafana is struggling to win any major trophy because we want to copy something that is not suiting us and I think its time to stop overrating things from Europeans.

We can't have a referee from PSL in the PSL, do you know why? its because we are being undermined by the Europeans they see us as nothing compares to them. They don't think we can do anything good. If a referee or linesman cannot see an offside like this of Sergio Rasmos vs Atletico Madrid in the UEFA champions league then I see nothing special about them that our referees cannot do. In fact our referees can do better if they can be given a chance to prove themselves.


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