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Lionel Messi will win a trophy as a player not as a coach

Portugal won UEFA Euro 2016  and all the credits are given to one player CR7 while he didn't play any part in the final. He was substituted in first half due to the injury that he sustained from Payet. He did nothing that's why I'm struggling to understand why people are busy praising him instead of the whole Portugal squad.

I find it very strange to say Cristiano Ronaldo wins the UEFA Euro for Portugal while he was busy coaching in the last 20 minutes of the extra time. where was he during the first half and second of the game? Its clear that he had no hope or trust to his teammates but after they managed to go to extra time that's where he started to believe that the team can go all the way and wins the cup for him.

The debate is still continuing of who is the best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo but for any one that loves and understands football Lionel Messi will always be the best player in the world and I think he can still wins the cup for his country not as a coach for 20 minutes but as a player.


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