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Wake me up when Portugal reach Euro 2016 final.

Portugal didn't win even a single game in this year's UEFA Euro 2016 but they managed to go to the last 16 of the Tournament via the rule that I couldn't understand as they finished as the best number 3. In the last 16 they played against Croatia and they needed 115 minutes to the extra to have a shot on target and that was the only shot that resulted into a goal by Quaresma.

In the last 16 they will meet Poland of Lewandoski on Thursday and I must say with their form and lack of scoring goals if Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't score goals I don't see them reaching semi final. Reaching quarter final for Portugal is their best achievement in the tournament and their road will end tomorrow.

Having Cristiano Ronaldo in their team is very good only when they win but should things not work in their favor then you will see the trough colors of Cristiano Ronaldo. They will never reach a final while he is still around because he doesn't want to play with average players instead he want all the credits to himself and forgets that teams glory comes first.


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