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Raheem Sterling not the same player he was at Liverpool.

England coach failed England by fielding Raheem Sterling whom I think didn't deserve to be in the first eleven of England Squad. During his days at Liverpool he was a good player with lot of pace, skill and a quick thinker as well. They formed a good partnership together with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. He left Liverpool for Man City and truth must be said he hasn't lived up to his expectations at all, his decision making is very poor but he is still young he will learn as time goes on.

Why did the coach keep on fielding off form players......

One thing I don't understand with that England coach is why he kept on fielding the poor Raheem Sterling when all the signs were there that he is out form. England have a lot of good players that could play very well in Sterling's position. I thought he could use Jammie Vary, Kane and Sturridge simultaneously and plays 4-3-3 formation, I'm telling you England could be unstoppable.


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