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Portugal can't rely on Ronaldo he lost his killer instinct

Portugal played 1-1 draw against Iceland in a match where Cristiano Ronaldo looks to be on holiday, he was nowhere to be found. This is the player that claims to be the best in last 20 years and yet he produces less when his national team needed him the most. The likes of Pele and Maradona were busy calling him the great leader that can carry team anytime but yesterday he didn't show any sign of being a good leader.

Fact about Ronaldo's style of play is that he depends too much on his players to provide for him should they fail to do that you will see less of Cristiano Ronaldo and in my opinion a good leader is someone who can something out of nothing just like what Lionel Messi is doing when he plays he doesn't have to score lot goals, his killer passes can be the decider of the game so calling Cristiano Ronaldo a great leader that can lead Portugal to win Europe, I think Maradona was dreaming he needs to wake up and watch Ronaldo again.


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