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Neymar On How It Feels To Become Enemies With Messi

FC Barcelona superstars Neymar and Lionel Messi are great friends at the club, but the Brazilian has now explained what happens when they turn into enemies for their national teams.
Although Neymar is missing the Copa America Centenario, in which his country has taken four points from their first two games, he is well aware that his national team could face Messi's Argentina at the tournament.
"We're all very good friends, but when we're playing on our national teams, there is no more friendship, we become competitors," Neymar told Complex.
"But once the ball is not rolling anymore, we become really good friends again."
Neymar, who will play in the upcoming Rio Olympics, with Brazil facing South Africa's U23 side in their first game, also commented on claims the samba nation's football has lost its identity.
"Brazilian soccer will always be joga bonito, because it's beautiful no matter what," he explained.
"It has changed, and there are more tactics in playing, but it will always be beautiful."



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