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iDiski Open Letter to Ace Ncobo and Sylvester Ndaba over FIFA Rules

Touching issues in football , are local SA football rules and International not the same?
Some of the fans around the world are watching football not only to enjoy goals and Kasi Flavour but to learn and understands the rules of football. When you watch local games compares to International games, there’s a huge a difference and that difference is because of the referees on how they officiate games week and a week out. In South African we have Andile "Ace" Ncobo who is a former South African football (soccer) referee. Some of us watch him in Robert Marawa show which is called Extra

Time Live on SS4 every Monday to analyze previous games. We watch him with the aim of gaining more knowledge about good or bad decisions that were made by the Referees over the weekend.

We also have Sylvester Ndaba who is a South African soccer referee and coach who's become a TV personality best known for his appearances on the TV show MTN Soccer Zone. He hosts an insert on the show called Know Your Game where he looks at the latest soccer matches with audiences and gives commentaries and insights into how each game has been played. We also watch him as he was voted as the best at what he does on the Television.

The Problem in their application of the rules.....
There is no doubt that they are one of the best presenters in the country but one problem though between the two presenters is that One is on Soccer Zone while other one is on Extra Time and not even a single day where you find their view being the same in an incident that occurred in a game. In my Opinion I thought they are using the same book that is having same rules from FIFA. When they don’t agree on one thing and that confuse us as viewers.

E.g. Orlando Pirates was playing against Free State Stars in the Nedbank Cup semi final game. Lehlohonolo Masalesa got a dubious red card where he left the ball for Thabo Matlaba to throw it but the Referee gave him second yellow card accusing him of wasting time. Ace Ncobo had his view on that and he said the Referee was wrong while Sylvester Ndaba believed that the referee was Spot On for his decision, that’s confusion from our presenters.

On any good or bad the Referees can make mistakes that can cost other teams so badly but we can’t fault them as they are also human beings but we need Sylvester Ndaba and Mr Ace Ncobo be brave enough to tell us that according to the law the referee was right or wrong for making such a decision. We as fans we also make our own analyst as we are also interested in referring and wait for them to give us their view based on the law not based at what they think, but Judging on their view more special Sylvester Ndaba, He brings his thought on whatever incident more than  what the law says. We don’t need his thought we need what the law says and that’s the only way that can make viewers to learn.

Copa America and UEFA Euro 2016 are being broadcasted on the Television so is UEFA champions League but I can tell you that many viewers including myself are struggling to understand the Rules of the game. I don’t want to say in South Africa we have bad Referees that can’t match international referees but I think we are being failed by own presenters who cannot even a single day agrees on one thing. Let’s take another example just to make everyone understand. According to match officials in South Africa if the last touch of the ball of the ball came from the defender to the striker then the debate should come from the Linesman, Asking himself if the ball was a pass or it was a deflection while in Europe we see the opposite of that...Should the ball come from the opponent whether it’s a pass or deflection to a opposite player then that player won’ be charged as offside. That’s another story to be debated in Mzantsi’s football.

The duty of Disciplinary committee in PSL is to investigate match fixing by players and Referees lay charges against them but I think they should more involved in the football game and change bad decision that are being made by Match officials on the players.

E.g. when a player a player receives a yellow or Red card for something that they didn’t do and you can imagine when misses’ three games for something he didn’t do pity in South African Football that doesn’t happen. Look in England and Spain they have DC that looks at incident after the game and they reverses bad decision made by referees and they punishes players for using violent conduct in the game. DC in PSL is sleeping not doing their job.

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