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FIFA rules are confusing now: Vardy's goal was an offside


FIFA rules are starting to confuse us right now, the last time I checked if the player was in an offside before the ball was played that player deserved to be charged offside whether the ball comes from the opponent or teammates as long is not a pass. Yesterday Jammie Vardy scored an equalizer against Wales and in my opinion I think and believe that he was in offside position. Why? Yes the last touch came from Wales defender but judging from the situation the defender was clearing the ball but because of pressure from England plays accidentally he headed the ball straight to Jammy Vardy who was already 5 metres in an offside position but the Linesman didn't raise his flag and according to Robert Marawa and his colleagues the linesman was Spot on.

They did explained why Jammie was not offside but for me they are not Spot on at all, the last touch mighty came from the Wales defender but that was not a pass so the goal shouldn't have been allowed it was suppose to be given as an offside. I remember the same incident happened in a match between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs where the last touch of the ball came from Kaizer Chiefs player but it was given as an offside because they explained it they said it was not a pass even though the last of the ball came from Chiefs defender.

Collins Mbesuma and Pirates fans were celebrating the goal using the same rule that is being used in Jammy Vardy's but the goal was disallowed so the question is What is the difference between the Collins Mbesuma and Jammie Vardy's goal?Pirates thought they had a second when Mbesuma netted after what looked like a backpass by Katsande, but the assistant referee ruled it offside - much to Roger de Sa's frustration. One thing common between he two goals is that the last came from the opposition player. I think FIFA right now is fooling us, How?

 Its like they support any decision that is being made by the referees and try to defend it by making it to be correct, Lines man raised his flag in Mbesuma's goal while the last touch of the ball came from Kaizer Chiefs defender and FIFA rules played its part by defending the linesman, The same thing happened in Vardy's goal where I think lines man made a wrong decision for not raising his flag but again FIFA defended the lines man so what can we do about that nothing but we will keep asking ourselves questions that cannot be answered.

One other thing that I would love to understand about Vardy being in that offside position...If that ball was kicked straight into the goalkeeper and lets assume that he saved it straight where Vardy was, Would be charged offside if he scores that ball? remember the last touch of the ball is from Wales player which is a goal in this case. It seems as if in this Vardy's case only thing matters is the last touch of the ball nothing else.


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