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Mr President of Ajax, Richard of Chelsea FC,  Tar Bricks of Green Lovers, Tar Chippa and Mickey of Shaddy Chiefs and Bra Thabo of Don't Talk etc..... Oostenberg LFA is having a serious problem when it comes to the Referees. They are making lot of mistakes and their mistakes are costing other teams. The worse part is that our executive is doing nothing with that....for how long are we going to cry about Referees mistakes........I remember Try Again playing against Shaddy Chiefs in the Easter Tournament game...From the first whistle Onkownko made so many errors that cost Try Again a place to the semi final and in response of the criticism from Try Again management. Mr Onkownko the Referee of the day said "I did what I did because Mabra used to do the same against City Bucks"This statement said it all that he was not there to officiate the game but he was there with only one purpose to knock out Try Again in other words it was part of revenge.

Having Gcobani, Mabra, Majali and Tar Chippa as our Top referees............

In our LFA we are blessed to have Chippa, Mabra, Majali and Gcobani, they are the best referees in our local football association. Yes they can make mistakes just like any human being but if we can use them to educate other referees. Lets take Majali for instance he is still young and his decisions making when he is officiating a game are always spot on. What I like about him is the fact that he is always where the incident happens and the way he handles the pressure from the players is out of this world. I think that's what we need from the referees the tolerance of frustration from the players more special when they(Referees) knows that they made a mistake. I think Mabra and Majali so is Tar Chippa are in the same level and I must say I enjoy watching them officiating the game.


This is the guy that I think we can all look up to if we want to make progress in referring, His hard work seems to finally working for him. I mean not so long ago he was a green Lovers right back, kicking other players but today we are able to see him refereeing in big leagues such as ABC Motsepe, Castle League and  Diski Multi Choice. Big up to you brother you are such a role model to me.


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