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Baroka’s Skhwama Could Face Hearing

The Siya crew revealed in May that ‘Skhwama Sama Tariyana’ could be in hot water after news emerged that the skilful player didn’t notify ‘Bakgaga’ about Kathorus, though Baroka are not going to face any DC involving the player saga.

Matete, who rose to prominence on YouTube with his skilful videos, now possibly faces a sanction following his registration under an affidavit, which was brought to the PSL’s attention by NFD outfits Highlands Park and Witbank Spurs.
The PSL’s head of legal, Michael Murphy, confirmed on national radio that he saw no need to take action against Baroka, due to the fact that there’s no suggestion the club was aware of any wrongs with the registration process. But with regards to Matete, he believes it’s still a question as to why an affidavit was needed for him to be signed.

Murphy also added that there will probably be consequences for the player although the Lions of the North didn’t formally complain about the player’s alleged misconduct. However, Siyavutha wants the PSL to formally look into the matter to decide if it’s something worth prosecuting.

Due to the rule that complaints must be lodged within a 40-day period of the previous transfer window, the PSL newcomers were not found to have contravened the rule and were thus in the clear.

“Baroka hid nothing, so the league had no grounds to charge us,” club boss Khurishi Mphahlele told the Siya crew. “We declared everything and didn’t lie to the PSL. Even if it wasn’t 40 days, what would my club be found guilty of? We’ve done nothing wrong. How could the PSL charge us when we went with them to SAFA, who confirmed to us that the boy was never registered before?”

The chairman also confirmed that action has yet to be taken against the dreadlocked player.

“We’ve received no notification,” he went on to say. “Maybe it’ll come at the beginning of next season. They can suspend my player for a certain amount of games, but not ban him.”

According to SAFA’s Dominic Chimhavi, it’s a situation of no paperwork having been issued. “We’ve even checked with the CEO’s office,” he said.


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