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Tinkler hates Majoro and loves Gabuza

Why he bring back Gabuza even he know he will miss all the chances maybe Majoro can do better than gabuza #gabuzaMustFall and why he put qalinge out of 15 players

Tinkler is starting to relax and take Pirates for granted! Just bcs Pirates is better than earlier it doesn't mean he's safe.Gabuza costed us bfr and you bring him back to cost us further!

A soccer match is played for 90 minutes, you stand and fold your arms like a statue the whole 90 minutes then after the match you come and say we didn't play our game. Why didn't you identify mistakes and rectify them during the match so that we can play your so called 'our game'? What did you say to the players at halftime? You are just an incompetent idiot Tinkler. how it still puzzles me that you are stil our couch.



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