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Neville: Mourinho will last 2/3 years

Phil Neville doubts Jose Mourinho will enjoy a lengthy reign at Manchester United.

The former Chelsea manager is reportedly poised to replace Louis van Gaal in the coming days at Old Trafford.

Mourinho has enjoyed widespread success but the longest he has spent with a club is three years and three months in his first spell at Stamford Bridge.

The Portuguese's second stint ended with his sacking in November last year following the Blues' horror start to their title defence this past season.

"I can't see him staying too long at Man United, maybe two or three years, that seems to be his shelf life at a football club," Neville told BBC Five Live's Sportsweek programme.

"When Jose finishes at a club it tends to be a pattern where he falls out with a few players, he gets disgruntled and the team dips.

"It happened at Chelsea, it certainly happened at Real Madrid where there were rumours he fell out with a few players.

"It's a pattern with Jose, he comes into a club, he gets success but he doesn't stay for too long."

However, the ex-United defender believes Mourinho has the pedigree to make a swift impact with the Red Devils, who won the FA Cup on Saturday but failed to qualify for the Champions League in 2015/16.

"He's a proven winner, a proven champion. United fans want a team that will challenge for the league title, not a team that finishes seventh or fifth, and Jose is probably the man for the job," Neville said.

"Knowing Jose as I do, I think he will have done his homework and he's meticulous in his planning.

"Don't be surprised if United in the next month, and particularly before the Euros, sign three or four players and when he gets to pre-season he has his squad already in place.

"He knows who he wants and at the start he will demand United sign those players for United to become


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