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Manchester United bus 'smashed up' by West Ham fans

Manchester United's team bus was attacked by West Ham fans ahead of Tuesday's Premier League clash at Upton Park.

The match was delayed by 45 minutes after United arrived over an hour later than scheduled.

United's coach and a police escort were pelted with bottles on their approach to Upton Park, while Wayne Rooney was quick to criticise the home fans' actions.

"It wasn't nice," Rooney told Sky Sports. "The coach got smashed up, but we're here now, so we have to prepare for the game and go out and do our job.

"I'm sure you'll see the images. That's not for me to say, but I think it was disappointing of course.

"We know it's a big game for West Ham, a big night for them, leaving the stadium, but I'm sure West Ham as a club will be disappointed with what the fans have done."


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