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Showboating A Threat To Europe?

The problem with most European countries is that they believe their way is the best way, and the problem with most African countries is that we believe them.
Countries like England believe that showboating is disrespectful, mainly because they do not possess the gift. If show boating frustrates opponents, isn't that what we should be using to defeat them? Showboating was necessary 20 years ago and it is still necessary today.
If you have a gift that you can use to achieve something, use it. The truth is a player can give away a ball whether they showboat or not. Not every touch a player benefits the team, so why say showboating should be done to benefit the team only? We coach our players to not use their brains.
Lets give players freedom of expression and let them fly. When whining down the clock players tend to go to the corner flag to waste a few seconds but by showboating you can whine down the clock ,frustrates opponent and please supporters by just one show of skill. Show boating is a South African Art that shouldn't have been ignored.


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