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Ncikazi’s Side Of The Story… In Middendorp bully

Masebe Qina: Coach we saw the unfortunate incidents that took place after the game for Golden Arrows and Maritzburg United. What happened?    
Mandla Ncikazi: There’s always been a simmering tension between Ernst and me, for whatever reason, since he came to Maritzburg United. It has even moved to a level where there has been a lot of things and comments from him… from the players that I brought to the club to how things have been when I was there. He event went to the media and made comments regarding my style. In the first round match we got a lot of anti-respective behaviour coming across from his technical bench and he was coming to our technical bench during the match, which was not controlled. I politely wrote an SMS after that to the chairman of Maritzburg (Farook Kadodia) requesting him to ask his coach to refrain from such behaviour, if the officials couldn’t control it. I wanted him (Middendorp) to focus on the club and try to help the club to survive relegation. Yesterday he continued with some of his antics.       
MQ: We are listening.
MN: It’s very strange that at half time he walked from the change room and through the tunnel and went past our technical bench and proceeded into the field. From talking to the players that he was within the change room, he walked straight back into our technical area before proceeding to his technical area. After the match he sprinted and was hailing insults. You know, on the technical bench you can have frustrations from the referees, I don’t have a problem. But you don’t have to direct comments to the opponents. For me, that is disrespect. After the match, after whatever he said to the referees, he walked straight to our technical area and stood in front of our bench. I wish we have video evidence. He started hailing insults and was clapping hands and all of that. I politely asked him to move away. That’s where the whole fracas came from. There was an exchange of some nasty words. But I did not kick him in the face. What worries me is that this (kicking allegation) is a deliberate act to put me down. If I pointed a finger, it was on his forehead and I’m not proud of it. I really regret doing it. I’ve been avoiding him, but I confess that yesterday I lost it, I shouldn’t have stooped low to his level. 
MQ: In closing, there might be consequences from the league for what happened. What kind of punishment do you expect for your actions? 
MN: My brother, I regret my actions. I shouldn’t have fallen into the trap. But if the league is to give me punishment, I’ll have to face the consequences of what I did. I know I might have put the league into disrepute. I’m prepared to face the consequences. But it was after a series of provocations from this guy.   
MQ: Thank you.
MN: Thanks.  


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