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Hendrick Ekstein see Oupa Manyisa as his Role model.

The 25-year-old also told this website that although he grew up admiring Jabu Pule [Mahlangu], it is Manyisa’s style of play that he best identifies with.
“For me it’s not easy to do the things I do with the ball and the things that I want to do,” Ekstein says.
“It is all about dedication and hard work.
“I also listen to the guys around me a lot because they help me grow as a footballer. They are the ones that show me the way as people I look up to and teammates and they help me improve my game.
“Whenever they tell me something, I listen to them because they help me become a better player.
“Even though I grew up watching Jabu Pule, I can’t say he is my role model, but I watched him a lot.
“But now I look at Oupa Manyisa, whenever Oupa plays, I watch him and he motivates me a lot because he plays the way that I think I can also play.
“He plays the way I want to play and I relate a lot to his style of play.
“Not the dribbling but just his style of play, I relate to it and I think I can also get to play like him.
“And right now I miss watching him a lot, even though we don’t play for the same team, but I miss watching him play.”


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