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Who is a liar between Mr Ngcobo and Sylvester Ndaba?

Mr Ace Ngcobo and Sylvester Ndaba are both South African soccer referees and coach, They become a TV personality best known for their appearances on the TV show MTN Soccer Zone and extra time .

They hosts an insert on the show called Know Your Game where they looks at the latest soccer matches with audiences and gives commentaries and insights into how each game has been played but Somewhere somehow I get confused because they don't say the same thing and that makes me wonder if the rules for Soccer of football are not the same. the question is who is a liar or who is not telling the truth between the two?

I mean we watch Soccer Zones and Extra times on SS4 because we want to learn more about soccer and the good and bad decisions that are made by referees but what do you do as a fan when find out that the same people you think can make you the better person in terms of knowing and understanding the rules of football are the same people who don't say the same thing.


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