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God save the trident - Messi, Suarez and Neymar

God save the trident. God save the MSN. God save Messi, Suarez and Neymar. God save the best attack in the world, that has given Barcelona a difficult, hugely difficult, victory at the Emirates against Arsenal. In a magical counter-attack, dignifying English football's best tradition, the three musketeers in Blaugrana put the team one step closer to being able to complete the giant challenge of being the first team to win two consecutive Champions Leagues.
The goal was from the god of all the gods of football. From the Messi god. But in the elaborate build-up was Luis Suarez, who started the counter attack, and Neymar, who set it up. The execution from Messi was magesterial. Of authetic genius. He waited patiently for the ball to arrive. He stopped it. He saw Cech commit and go to the floor. And he executed his strike with milimetric precision. All this in two miliseconds. Any other footballer would have shot without thinking. But Messi? No. He's so special that he even counter-attack goals turn into works of art. 
This counter-attack, in the 71st minute, was the best moment of the game. Without doubt. A counter-attack that could be worth qualification into the Champions League quarter-finals. Because the game was not good. it was intense. Wavering. We did not see the best of Barcelona, in terms of football. Although, fortunately this Barcelona have learned to win without playing well.
Luis Suarez should be higlighted, for an unusual reason. He has scored 41 goals this season but was especially inaccurate here - and unfortunate. He had three clear chances which he did not take advantage of. And he also hit the post. Luck which Messi was there to put right. And Messi scored the second after a foul he suffered. Barcelona have taken a giant step towards the next round, despite not having a good game. But luckily, we have the trident. God save the trident.


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