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Etoile Fans Gave Bucs A Standing Ovation

“On our way to the stadium, obviously the supporters were a bit hostile and tried to get to us but we remained focussed. We told ourselves that whether they threw stuff at us, fought or even tried to intimidate us, we wouldn’t let it get to us,” Gcaba explained to Soccer Laduma.

“We did just that. It is just a pity that we couldn’t convert our chances because we did enough to come back with something from the game but, like I said, it wasn’t to be.

“After the game, I expected the hostility to continue but, to my surprise, their supporters gave us a standing ovation and even showed the cross-bone sign to salute us, which was a bit emotional.

“I didn’t expect anything like that, especially from opposition supporters. I mean, they really showed us a lot of love and respect. The players and supporters encouraged us to keep our heads up, to remember that we are a good side and that we were just unlucky.”


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