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Tinkler hope not to concede at home.

“The main lesson is that you don’t concede at home! That’s very, very important, and when you’re faced with the challenge of playing the first leg at home, it becomes even more important,” Tinkler told Soccer Laduma.

“Similar to our semi-final against Al Ahly, for me it was vital that we didn’t concede. If you go back to the 2013 final, we drew our home game 1-1 and that automatically put us on the back foot when we went away.

“We had to chase the game because of the away goal. So, a clean sheet is vital and we want to win. Whether it is 1-0 or 2-0, it would mean they would have to come at us in the second leg, then we’d hurt them on the counterattacks.

“That’s what we did against Ahly. Conceding at home changes everything – whether you score or not, the advantage is then with the visiting team.”


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