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Neymar is far better than Cristiano Ronaldo

I'm waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo to score against a team in the bottom half, because that is where and only when he reigns as the "king", put him against Atletico Madrid, he's missing in action.

 I guess that's where the "I'm better than Messi" line fits perfectly... if he can't even play second fiddle to Neymar, how much more when the G.O.A.T comes back.? my count down begins........ Now!!!

A lot of ppl think madrid evovles around ronaldo, it shows how less knowledge ppl have about football yet, my ppl will rush and comment crap! Madrid is beyond ronaldo!

Even if  Cr7 can leave Real Madrid I think the team can improve more and more, what's the use of having a player that regard or rate himself as the best player in the world but he can't pull the strings when team is needed him the most
Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Staff writter

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