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Messi happy to be back

"I am happy for the game, for the result, and for having played 90 minutes again," Messi said. "I am coming back bit by bit, and fortunately all is going well.

"It was tough to get going again. I prepared well and I trained. But it is not the same to train as to go out on the pitch and last the 90 minutes.

"I will be relaxed, and will get my rhythm back. I did not feel good not being out on the pitch, but I did enjoy seeing what my teammates were doing in each game."

"But it is not just about three, it is all the team," he said. "There is a very good atmosphere, we try and be professional, we enjoy ourselves, and get on well day to day. That is the most important, that the group is united."

"I hope something like that happens, but we must not get too carried away," he said. "Knowing [Suarez and Neymar], they will think the same as me. It is not important if it does not happen, we will keep trying to do what we are doing."

Asked why he had let Neymar take a late penalty, which was missed, Messi said it was because the Brazilian had been converting them while he had been out.
"I believe he had taken four or five, and not missed any, so that is why he took it again," he said.

"We are at a very good level, but there is still a long way to go until the decisive time of the season in La Liga, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, which is getting going now," he said.

"We are not yet in December. We must think in the short-term, on what is coming, the La Liga games before the World Club Cup, and nothing else."


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