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Erasmus: Pressure Makes No Difference

“It’s no secret that by conceding at home we gave them the advantage and we are also aware that they are a very good team at home. Like most North African teams, they have good technical ability and they are tall however that does not make them better than us.

 We have skill, speed and agility on our side. The fact that there is a bit of added pressure makes no difference, we are professionals and we know how to deal with it. Personally, I welcome it because it drives me to be a better player. My job is to score goals and that is just what needs to be done period,” said Erasmus in a statement from Pirates.

“When the class of ’95 went to Abidjan, they had conceded two goals at home, the guys believed and backed themselves to do the impossible and all it took was just one goal and the rest is history. This group of players has some of the best players in the country, and we have given everything through our current CAF journey and now we have nothing to lose. We simply have to go there and get back that away goal”, added Erasmus.


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