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Criteria for Fifa rankings make no sense?

Belgian teams fail reach group stages of the champions league @ present moment. Excuse Gent in this year competition. Regarding Belgium ranked number1 in World Football,come on,we All know how ridiculous corrupt fifa is. Show us the method how you corrupt FiFa  reach such rubbish conclusion. Chile won their continental tournament & are regular participants reaching semi finals or losing finalists. Where are they in Fifa rankings.

Belgium,are they regular Euro participants? Do they reach finals,semi finals? They are good @ friendlies,me suspecting. Therefore, Belgium is an over-rated country,over-rated league,where soms if not most teams salaries to players are equivalent if not less than Chiefs,Pirates,Sundowns,Supersport,Wits etc.

The only reason why our players go to Sweden,Denmark & Belgium have to be the notion that they become closer and easily exposed to top leagues. Like It is,Just that,a notion. If you are good,you are good ,no matter where you play in the World,i believe. Neymar is typical example,he did not need to be closer to top league. Just played in his home country,Brazil. Next move,Barcelona. Next,World player of the year,watch the space.


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