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Best trio in the world:MSN

They are the talk of world club soccer and you must have been “wowed” watching them on television.

As I sat there at the Olympiastadion in Berlin to enjoy the Champions league final between Barcelona and Juventus at the weekend I could not help but admire probably the deadliest striking force ever to play club football!

Earlier in the season there was talk that Messi didn’t deserve the 2014 World Cup best player award. There were also lots of comments on Neymar’s injury and Suarez’s biting skills, but almost nothing about how deadly this combination Barcelona were putting in place could be.

The negative clamouring got louder as the season kicked off with Suarez struggling to shake off match rustiness (after he served the four-months worldwide ban following the biting incident at the World Cup). Messi, meanwhile, was fighting tax evasion claims and a reported fallout with new coach Luis Enrique.


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