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Who could ref the El 'Clásico'?

There is less than a month to go beforethe 'Clásico'and talk of referees for the encounter is already rife. The claim that pressure was placed on a linesman, who has not been identified, by one of the referees who could officiate the game has unleashed a storm.

The reality is that only a few referees are liable to be appointed to oversee the game by the Technical
Committee of Referees.

Because Real vs. Barça is such an important fixture, it is normally given an international category referee. They consist of Clos Gómez, Del Cerro Grande, Estrada Fernández, Fernández Borbalán, Gil Manzano, Hernández Hernández, Mateu Lahoz, Martínez Munuera, Undiano Mallenco and Velasco Carballo.

We can rule out three of them because they belong to the Madrid or Catalan committees: Del Cerro Grande, Estrada Fernández and Velasco Carballo.

Normally, referees only officiate a maximum of once at home and once away for each team in the first half of the season. Given that the 'Clásico' is being played at the Bernabéu, that would exclude Hernández Hernández, Martínez Munuera, Mateu Lahoz (Atlético vs. Barça) and Undiano Mallenco (Celta vs. Barça).

Furthermore, a minimum of one month must pass since overseeing Real Madrid and Barça before they can do so again. Clos Gómez has been appointed to officiate Celta vs. Real Madrid at Balaídos this Saturday.

Given all of the above, David Fernández Borbalán (Andalusian committee) is the best placed to officiate the 'Clásico' on 21st November.



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