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Titanic is sinking at Orlando pirates

what a shameful performance by Orlando pirates last night and I'm starting to doubt if they will even make it to the top8 under the guidance of Eric Tinkler,

How can you start with a guy that doesn't have game time(Menzi Masuku)? the worse part of it the coach made Lehlohonolo Masalesa a captain, for what good reasons maybe? a guy that only started 4-5 games this season just imagine if Irvin Bukenya can be the captain of Kaizer Chiefs a player that spent almost of his time at the bench that could mean they are inviting trouble just like Orlando pirates did last night. Losing games like pirates do this season is what happens when the owner of the team runs a team like a Spaza shop.

Yes in a Spaza shop you can hire anybody even a village boy that you found in the corner looking for job with or without experience hoping that he can sell oranges very well. Eric Tinkler is a good coach for a team like Try again(Amateur team) that I play for, a team that plays in LFA that shows how bad he is in a coaching. That performance against Wits university was worst than terrible. Tinkler traumatised us.

Some of us wish it was possible to stop loving and following Orlando Pirates FC just because of that performance. I cannot watch my beloved team being molested at home by players we got rid of because they deemed not to be good enough...Khoza owes us an apology. honestly..
Tinkler must go otherwise we won't need herbex to slim our bodies, Pirates is the big team to be coached an amateur like tinkler.
Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Staff writter

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