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Mourinho living in his own world

Jose mourinho has claimed that he is lone and "living in different world" following the criticism that he receives left, right and center after his team has only managed to get get three wins and four defeats from their 9 opening matches, Currently they sits on 12th position i the log 10 points the log leaders Manchester city.  Following the defeat against Southampton Mourinho was given a public vote of confidence from the owner's ofChelsea.

Despite winning the League last season for Chelsea as it was their third League but the pressure will never stop if you are in this industry of football.

“I live
in a different world. I’m not with the power. I’m not with the power. I’m a lonely guy in this modern world of football,” Mourinho told the Irish Times.

“I do my work. I’m not a politician, I’m not a PR, I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t, you know, I’m just what I am. When I am in a great moment it looks like nothing’s happened; when I am in a bad moment, I pay for this a little bit. I don’t have many friends in the football world.”

Mourinho also questioned the ever-increasing role of pundits and accused the British media of a “culture of the vulture”.

“Some of them [pundits] are really brave,” he added. “To criticise someone with my history, you need to be brave, as there is a risk someone like myself will say: ‘Shut up. You’ve won nothing in your life.’

“But I won’t do that. I just work and hope that the good results are coming. You know, stability for the manager, in general, it’s gone. It’s gone for everyone, except a couple of ‘special ones.’”
Chelsea will face Dynamo Kyiv tonight at 8:30 and Mourinho can only hope that his team will put a marvelous performance today.


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