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Middendorp approach against Sundowns was very wrong

Free Stae Stars was demolished 6-1 by Mamelodi Sundowns in a Telkom Knockout game yesterday at Free state stadium.
 I couldn't understand the approach from Free state stars players, How can you go tow-tow with a team that have the best quality players in South Africa leaving the spaces behind, yes the tactics of parking the bus, Train or Double Dacker has been criticized in south Africa many believe that parking the bus its boring but why would a coach care about the criticism when parking the bus works for him, We all know that Ernest Middendorp is one of the experience coaches in the country but his tactics yesterday, the way he approaches the game was not spot on at all and the players didn't respond to his tactics.

 Look at how Jomo Cosmos played against Kaizer Chiefs, They parked the bus with hope of catching them in count attacks and it really works for them because they had numerous of good chances and they really troubled Kaizer chiefs defence. they did everything right until 90 minutes and that draw felt like a win to them, that was the case in Free State Stars they just went to a game with no plan.

 its well understood when the small teams park the bus against the likes of Orlando pirates, Kaizer chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns because they don't have the same quality compares to them. at least he could have park the bus and hope to take the game to extra time and penalties if its possible. Losing is part and parcel of football but losing 6-1 means your approach of the game was very power and it also means a disaster.

 Not so long Free state stars fired the coach, we though it was for the best but judging on how the team performed yesterday there's a lot that need to be done in that team hopefully Ernest Middendorp together with his tactical team will indeed fix the problem before its too late.
Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Staff writter

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