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Cebo Monyaapelo too excited when AL Ahly scored their second goal

There should be a rule that commentators that are not supporters of a team must not be on duty on the day... For Cebo Monyapelo to sound so excited when Al Ahly scored their second goal saying "go fedile" on national tv doesn't sound professional at all. And that to a local team playing on a continental competition. this is the same commentator that used to criticize Mark Mayambela when ever he gave away the ball he used to call him the ever wasteful Mark mayambela. Yes at some point we also thought that the game was over after the Egyptians scored their second goal but that commentator must try to control his feelings.  He won many awards voted as one of the best commentators in the country but he can't hide his feelings towards the team that he supports and towards the team that he hates. 


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