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Barca have suggested El Clasico Match Fixing Investigation

On Thursday, news broke that Spanish police were investigating a potential match-fixing scandal in which an assistant referee was told to favour Real Madrid in the upcoming El Clasico.
The Catalan club's board called a special meeting yesterday and released the following statement on their official website:
"The Board of Directors also discussed the case of an allegation made by an assistant referee who declared that he had received pressure from the Technical Refereeing Committee to favour Real Madrid at the forthcoming Clasico.
"The Board believes that it is essential for there to be an in-depth investigation into the case and hopes that it has all been a misunderstanding for the good of the prestige and credibility of the Professional Football League."
Miguel Cardenal, president of the High Council for Sport, has urged the assistant referee to reveal himself, insisting the match official would have the Spanish government's support if he did so.
"I think it's a very serious case, it's extraordinarily alarming. What has to be done in the face of such an accusation is to clarify it as soon as possible and take the necessary measures if needed," he told Marca.
"I'd like the football association to immediately clarify the matter of the accusation.
"Nobody should be fearful of reprisals in Spain in 2015. He has the government, the High Council for Sport and the legal system behind him.
"What he has to do is reveal what happened and make the sporting authorities aware as we will treat this matter very seriously. The referee who has been under pressure must reveal himself; we'll support him."
Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

Sphamandla Ntshokotsha

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